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  • It started as a One-Page template, but now it has become so much more!

  • Equipped with the most advanced PageBuilder on the market

  • More de 35 PageBuilder Elements

  • Every element is customizable! Customize everything!

  • Create unique pages in minutes!

  • Build your own layouts!

  • Change the design with just a few clicks!

  • Every element is ultra responsive!

  • Looks good on every device!

Page Builder

We have the best PageBuilder on the market today, powered by our proprietary ZnFramework! It's never been easier to change your site's content or style.

You don't have to be a programmer
You don't have to write code
You don't have to read code
Use simple user interfaces!
Drag&Drop elements directly into your page!
Customize every element through its options!
Create unique pages!
Use templates to replicate entire pages!

Style Generator

Use the predefined colors, or define your own color schemes! Define a scheme once and use it multiple times! 

  • Default colors

    This theme comes with a default set of colors.
  • Change defaults

    You can change the default set of colors to any color you like.
  • Custom color schemes

    Build as many custom color schemes as you like!
  • Apply scheme to elements

    You can apply a custom color scheme to some individual elements.
  • Apply scheme to sections

    You can apply a color scheme to an entire section and will affect all elements within.
  • Customize Footer

    You can apply a color scheme to the footer. You can choose different colors for footer on different pages.

Unlimited sidebars

Not happy with only the default sidebar? Create as many custom sidebars as you want and use them wherever you like!

  • Create unlimited sidebars

    Use the theme options to create as many sidebars as you like. Just assign different names to them!
  • Add different widgets

    Use WordPress standard actions to add widgets to your custom sidebars!
  • Use sidebars anywhere

    Use theme options to add custom sidebars to general pages, or pages options to add to individual pages.

Two menu layouts

Select from two different menu layouts: a horizontal top bar, or a collapsible vertical bar! Regardless of your selection, you can choose from two color schemes: a dark one and a light one.

Coming soon feature

Your site is not yet ready? Let your users know when it will be ready and present them an elegant countdown for release date. Also offer them the possibility to enroll to your newsletter!

Unlimited portfolio layouts

We prepared for you some layouts carefully engineered by our excellent designer. These are just to get you started and will surely boost your imagination. Use our PageBuilder to build any number of unique portfolio items! The possibilities are endless!

One page options

Let's not forget that this theme was originally designed as a one-page template. It has become so much more, but it hasn't lost its original design. You can build your one-page site using this theme. It comes with built in options to help you achieve this.

One click demo install

We know that is a lot easier to start working from the demo pages and not from scratch. But sometimes installing the demo pages is too difficult and too error prone. Not anymore! Just push one button and wait! All the demo content will be installed into your site.

Icon fonts

We use icon fonts throughout the theme because: they are scalable, you can color them, you can add shadows to them, you can change their opacity, you can rotate them. Whatever you can do with image based icons, you can do with font based icons.

  • More than 350 icons

    The default set has more than 350 icons
  • Easily resize them

    Change their size through element options
  • Load custom icons

    Load another set of icons from
  • Define your own

    Define and load your own icons, created from svg.

Translation ready

Our theme is translation ready. It fully supports WPML for managing a Multilanguage website.

You can translate it to any language or even set multiple languages.

Translation ready
Supports WPML
Use any language
Set multiple languages

Free support and updates

Got a problem? Use our support forum located at to report it! It's free!

When needed, we will release updates with bug fixes and new features for the theme. That's also free!

Unique layouts - oblique or straight lines

We've set up some example pages for you. Some are with an stylized oblique cut for the sections, while others are rectangular. You can also combine the two styles and use them in the same page.

Post formats for blog

We carefully treated every aspect of the theme. Every post format type has been tested, redesigned and decorated with extra functionality when needed.

Google map with routing

The Google map provided into this theme is directions enabled. This means that you can get routing directions from an address or a coordinate to the defined office location.

Besides routing, the map also has a lot of other options that make it very versatile.

Multiple pins
Add any number of pins
Marker tooltips
Set tooltip for each marker
Marker image
Choose marker image
Marker animation
Set each marker animation
Map type
Set basemap type
Shows driving path
Zoom level
Choose initial zoom
Multiple maps
Use multiple maps

Ultra responsive elements

The theme is built using the Bootstrap grid system and therefore it has a responsive design which appropriately scales up or down according to the viewport size.

Every element of the PageBuilder has been designed and tested to look good on any display size. You don't have to build a separate site for mobile devices. Build once, use everywhere!

Easy to use contact form with captcha

Forget about third party plugins for contact forms! This theme comes with a built-in contact form, easy to configure and use. It even has a simple captcha validation mechanism to prevent spamming.

Comprehensive documentation

We took our time and wrote a comprehensive documentation. Close to 100 pages. But don't worry! It is well structured and easy to read.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we included lots of images into this documentation. But how much does a video worth? A million? We set up a list of how-to video tutorials and we'll keep on adding  videos to this list.

For easy reading
As examples
To get you started
For external references
For quick finding
Because everyone knows it
To find answer fast
Time spent building